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Lymphedema Reliever® 

What is Lymphedema Reliever®

Lymphedema Reliever is a product that is used by top medical professionals, therapists, and patients worldwide for the treatment of Lymphedema.  As an advanced massage tool, its purpose is to redirect fluids from a patient's affected limbs and distribute those fluids toward healthy lymph areas within the body.

If you suffer from Lymphedema, it is important that you manage the affected limbs by first using this product to move/massage fluids prior to beginning the process of wrapping.  This enables the limb to be reduced in size to achieve maximum results. 

Lymphedema Reliever is the only product of its kind on the market today with proven effectiveness when used in conjunction with wrapping.  Maximum result times may vary based on the severity of inflammation.

It is ideal for:
  • Daily maintenance use
  • Fast results
  • Moving fluids with minimum pain or discomfort
  • Use for upper and lower limbs


Patented in the United States / International Patent Pending

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